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After a few years of relatively limited travel, 2015 will be a period where I will be going abroad more frequently. The year started by being in Riding Mountain National Park (Manitoba) for New Year’s – a relaxing place to be for the start of 2015. Next, as it was a U2 tour year again, I had the chance to see them and my tour friends in a few cities with multiple shows in each – Vancouver (May), New York (July), London (October), and Dublin (November). Independent of the concerts, Nathania and I will find some time to check out the Rocky Mountains as well as visit family back home a few times in Winnipeg. We will also visit a places we haven’t been together yet – Japan (May), New York (July), and Israel (December).

Ein Bokek, Israel
Ne’ot HaKikar, Israel
Mount Tabor, Israel
Mount of Beatitudes, Israel
Capernaum, Israel
Tabgha, Israel
Haifa, Israel
Mount Carmel, Israel
Tzipori, Israel
Nazareth, Israel
Cana, Israel
Tiberias, Israel
Bethlehem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Dalkey, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Anfield, England
Liverpool, England
London, England
Yellowhead County, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Lavellatte, United States
New York, United States
Edmonton, Canada – WWC Semi-Final
Calgary, Canada
Edmonton, Canada – WWC Round of 16
Winnipeg, Canada
Winnipeg, Canada
Edmonton, Canada – WWC Opening Match
Lake Kawaguchi, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Kanazawa, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Nara, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Oshima, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Riding Mountain National Park, Canada