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Diwana Bhel Poori House, 96 Brick Lane
London E1 6RL, United Kingdom
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I was passing through London on my way to and from Liverpool.  It was a challenge to get around on this trip.  Two days prior to my flight out to London, I was playing soccer when I suffered a left gastrocnemius rupture, resulting in having to wear an air cast for 5 weeks.  Nevertheless, my doctor assured me I could travel as long as I remain in my cast as I walk.

I was able to check out my favourite Indian restaurant Diwana as per my custom on each trip to London.  It was in Euston, which was conveniently close to the train station, where I was to connect to Liverpool after lunch.

Additionally, I was happy to stay with my friend Cathal.  He’s been a constant face I’ve seen at least once per year since 2009 – starting with the U2 360 tour, later as a result of visiting London, and then meeting up in Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup.


Posted: Aug 3, 2013


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