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After debating about going to either Iran or India as my big summer trip, I chose to visit ancient Persia.  Before getting there, I spent a few days in Paris and then in London (for the Coldplay concerts).  By the time I got to Iran, I relished the chance to see this country’s rich history.  The food and people were delightful.  As I accrued additional vacation, I decided to go back east in December – first to Beijing and then to India.  What a great way to celebrate Christmas – swimming in the Indian Ocean!

Riding Mountain National Park, Canada
Bengaluru, India
Fort Kochi, India
Kanyakumari, India
Varkala, India
Chennai, India
Kolkata, India
Darjeeling, India
Delhi, India
Beijing, China
Great Wall, China
San Francisco, United States
Jasper, Canada
Brussels, Belgium
Istanbul, Turkey
Persepolis, Iran
Shiraz, Iran
Esfahan, Iran
Yazd, Iran
Ahwaz, Iran
Shush, Iran
Chogha Zanbil Ziggurats, Iran
Tehran, Iran
London, England
Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
French Open, Paris, France
Paris, France
Kananaskis, Canada
Minneapolis, United States