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In the post-golden years of backpack travel, I had to resort to saving as much vacation time as I could, and maximize the time I had away.  In 2010, a series of weddings my friends were having over the summer, limited the time I had to go away.  By the fall, I started working for the Edmonton Social Planning Council.  Come December, I had enough vacation time to go away for a month in Australia.  My intent was to see the U2 concerts, but also to visit my relatives, and enjoy the chance to visit the land down under.  Christmas in the southern summer was new to me, but I loved every second of it.

New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia
Hunter Valley, Australia
Kiama, Australia
Blue Mountains, Australia
Great Ocean Road, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Fremantle, Australia
Perth, Australia
Cottesloe Beach, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Honolulu, United States
Lake Winnetka, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Québec City, Canada
Vancouver, Canada