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BC Place, 777 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6B 4Y8, Canada
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I was in Vancouver last week for the last U2 concert of their 2009 tour. It was great to meet up with my two sisters, my friends Chris who came with me to the Vegas gig, Bryan, James, and Kellie who live in Vancouver, John and Amber who came in from Edmonton for the show, and Niki who I met in Egypt last summer and now lives in Prince Rupert. The show was quite amazing, and had such a fun time in the queue despite the cold weather. I hung out in Vancouver for a few days later to enjoy the West End and eat as much sushi as I can! If I can finish my dissertation in a timely manner, I would love to move to Vancouver next fall, preferably in the West End. I have enough good friends there to not feel uprooted or isolated.


Posted: Oct 28, 2009


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