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Journeys London Bridge Hostel, 204 Manor Place
Kennington, London, England, SE17 3BN
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Back once again (4th visit), I was really happy to be back in familiar territory. I was able to hang out with Ajay along with his best-friend Nadeem and Nadeem’s girlfriend Kat. On this particular London visit, the highlight was going to the British museum. Paying closer attention to the Greco-Roman and Egyptian exhibits, I gained an acute appreciation for their histories. Since I had traveled to countries which have been affected by these empires, I am able to truly appreciate these exhibits. I found it interesting to walk through the Egyptian part, since there was no hassle! But also, many of the show pieces were taken from Luxor (ancient Thebes), so now I could make a mental and physical link to these exhibits.


Posted: Jul 14, 2008


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