Dahab, Egypt

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Penguin Village, P.O. Box 13, Mashraba Street
Dahab, Egypt
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In need of escaping the crowds and hassles, I made my way to the Sinai.  By coincidence, I reconnected with Chris who I met in Cairo on the bus ride from Luxor to Dahab.  As well, I met Nate from the States, and Petur from Iceland.  The four of us got along really well.  I also met the friendly and lovely Niki [from Victoria] who would become a memorable person on this trip who, along with Petur, accompanied each other to Jordan and Israel.  Once in Dahab [across from Saudi Arabia], we stayed at the Penguin Hotel and met up with Patrick and Richard, who I also met back in Cairo.  It was a great place to relax, or as we called it, Dahabing it to get our ‘lob’ [lobster or to tan as the Brits call it] on.  Dahab is famous for its snorkeling and diving.  Nearby was Mount Sinai, where it is believed Moses received the 10 Commandments. Nate and I climbed Mount Sinai and took in a spectacular sun rise with other sightseerers.  In all, I had a wonderful time in Dahab with cherished memories, and would not hesitate going back one day.


Posted: Jun 18, 2008


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