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If 2004 was a year of awakening, 2005 was a breakout year.  The spring consisted of warm up trips to Boston, Seattle, and Vancouver for the U2 Vertigo Tour concerts.  At this time, I was sketching out a skeletal trip to Europe for three months.  By the end of  June, the start of biggest trip I had ever taken commenced – a summer backpack trip throughout Europe.  I had 8 U2 concerts planned, 2 Coldplay shows, a World Youth Day in Koln, and the chance to meet up with different friends across the continent.  Epic and sweeping.  The fall saw me go to Toronto and New York for 5 additional U2 concerts.  Considering the lack of time I have these days, I can’t see another relatively long adventure like this until much later in my life.  In lieu of that, I will forever cherish the pictures and memories I have from 2005.

New York, United States
Toronto, Canada
Halifax, Canada
Valencia, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Koln, Germany
Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Budapest, Hungary
Kraków, Poland
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland
Prague, Czech Republic
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Munich, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oslo, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Milan, Italy
Florence, Italy
Vatican City, Holy See
Rome, Italy
Athens, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Berlin, Germany
Trier, Germany
Rothenburg, Germany
Edinburgh, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Stirling, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Wimbledon, England
London, England
Dublin, Ireland
Dingle, Ireland
London, England
Boston, United States
Vancouver, Canada
Seattle, United States