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2004 was a point of origin for my travels – a real awakening.  After spending 7 years being involved with student government, I was fully dedicated to my education and was involved with the Political Science Graduate Student Conference Committee.  This gave me the chance to go to Washington and New York for the first time.  This was the first time I had a free summer not committed to a student council, union, or university board.  After finishing my first year of a masters degree, I decided to take some time to study french in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.  It was there where I broke out on my own, realized I had the capacity to travel and be elsewhere by myself, and make new friends along the way.  I remembered it like it was like yesterday.  It was in Quebec where I made the commitment to backpack Europe on my own the following summer.  The rest is history.

Washington, United States
New York, United States
West Point Military Academy, United States
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Thompson, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Le Parc de la rivière Batiscan, Canada
Québec City, Canada
Montréal, Canada
Trois-Rivières, Canada