Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

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Fujiyama Onsen
4-1524 Shinnishihara Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture
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Our friends Reiko and Yoko picked us up near Yokohama and we drove to a nice park off of Lake Kawaguchi in order to have a great view of Mount Fuji. Peaking in-and-out of clouds, once Fujisan emerged, it was quite the amazing site. Symmetrical and mythical, Mount Fuji lives up to its beautiful reputation. After, we had a good lunch at a noodle house, and enjoyed a new dish called hoto udon, a Yamanashi specialty. Then we enjoyed our second last day like our first evening by visiting an onsen to relax – Fujiyama Onsen. What a wonderful way to end our trip to Japan!


Posted: Jun 2, 2015


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