Chennai, India

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National Shrine of St. Thomas Basilica
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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After not being able to find a suitable flight from Kolkata to Chennai, I resorted to an 30+ hour train ride to Chennai.  The train ride was quite cramped after such a long time, but I was happy to finally jump out and find my way to St. Thomas’ Basilica.  This is where it was believed to be the place where the Apostle is buried.  I paid my homage and prayed in his crypt for a safe journey ahead.  After that spiritual encounter, I took the train to the airport, where I was able to find a not-well-known sleeping area where you can pay a fee, enter a large open room with several beds for passengers with early morning flights.  I was able to take a shower and have a nice rest before my flight out to Kerala the next morning.  It was an incredibly short trip, but the whole intent was to see St. Thomas.


Posted: Dec 19, 2012


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