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Vila Madalena
São Paulo Brazil
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This was the first time I visited South America. What better excuse to do so than to see U2! My friend Jana, whom I met in Australia, invited a few of us to visit her home city. It is huge – the second most populous city on Earth. We enjoyed some amazing food, and I particularly lived the area where Jana (and her brother Antonio) lives in Vila Madalena. It’s a very bohemian kind-of neighborhood with neat little shops, cafes, and restaurants. A few of us stayed in Antonio’s flat while we visited – Marty, Cathal, and Amp. Getting to Estadio Morumbi was not hard once we figured that we needed to take bus 6250 a few blocks away from the condo. The city is circuitous and can be very confusing to navigate. Due to the concerts and lack of time, I didn’t have as many days as I would have preferred to properly take in São Paulo, let alone Brazil. No worries. Because I have friends there, I plan to be back for the World Cup and visit many other parts of Brazil!


Posted: Apr 9, 2011


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