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Bellows Field Beach Park
Waimānalo, HI 96795 United States
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This will have been the third time I’ve visited Hawaii. There is something magical about coming to the Hawaiian Islands in December after leaving the frozen prairies of Canada. Although I’m just passing through on my way to Australia, it was still special to be in Hawaii. For this time around, I avoided the trappings of Waikiki, and was privileged to spend the time with my cousin Liezle, her husband June, who is in the Navy and is stationed here, and their two kids RJ and Rozelle. It was great to see Honolulu from a resident’s perspective. We were able to visit Pearl Harbor and get a sailor’s special tour on Ford Island. We had some great Korean BBQ and sushi. The swimming in the ocean on Bellows Air Force base was nice because it was secluded and away from the tourists. I’ll have to come back next year and spend more time here!


Posted: Dec 7, 2010


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