Mardin, Turkey

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Şehidiye Cami
Şehidiye Mh. 47100 Mardin Turkey
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The trip from Dohuk, Iraq to the Turkish border was a bit of an adventure. I had to negotiate a taxi to take me to the border, which wasn’t so bad. After being processed by customs, I found a shared taxi, where we had to go through further security checks. One involved me getting out of the taxi, separated from 4 other Kurds, and being escorted into a private room with 8 ‘guards’. One kept asking me how much money I had, and told them I only had about $370 US. After repeatedly stating my answer, and literally showing them the money, they were satisfied, and I was able to leave unscathed. Getting into Mardin, Turkey to stay a night before going to the Nusayabin/Qamishale border was a nice experience. Mardin is situated atop a mountain looking down the Mesopotamian plains. Quite a gorgeous site. I was never hassled, and I hope to return one day.


Posted: Jul 11, 2009


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